The talk show of Eva Jinek, with 700,000 to 900,000 viewers every day, is interrupted every day during the corona crisis for an update of the RTL News. Jinek’s registration on RTL XL shows what happened in the talk show studio last night during that break.
The 1.5 meter measure was clearly observed during the broadcast, but less attention was paid to it during the break. For example, a staff member of the program came fairly close to a guest to refill a glass of water and a colleague stood close to Erasmus MC boss Kuipers for more than half a minute to do his microphone well. The 1.5 meter measure is in effect due to the corona-virus outbreak. RTL promises to pay more attention from now on. “The Jinek team makes every effort to provide a safe working environment for guests and employees every day,” the channel told the site. “At the editorial board we have strict hygiene rules and we do everything we can to comply with the RIVM guidelines as much as possible.”
But: ,,As can be seen in the images, sometimes things go wrong with us, despite all strict measures and protocols. That should not happen in this corona time and we deeply regret that. The production, crew and other employees of the program will be even more strict, so that the 1.5-meter rules are properly observed.”

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