Apparently saving money on children’s backs is something all parents do.

Of course we don’t do that in school uniforms in the Netherlands. Everyone is free to know what he or she likes, because there is freedom here. Funny, because in practice almost all students look the same. Branded clothes, wireless earphones, an expensive mobile. The school appears to be a fashion show. That’s why I’m a fan of school uniforms. No difference between rich and poor and it teaches children to be less attached to appearance. I especially notice the backpack in the Dutch schools. It is the same for everyone. An Eastpak. That brand is apparently the brand you should have here.
It reminds me of the first backpack I had in Syria, and the last. When I was little, I wanted to have a backpack like my classmates. But my parents had a different plan for it. An economic plan. A backpack that I could spend my whole childhood with, one for about ten years. My backpack was about the size of me. That’s how my parents chose my school uniform. One on the growth. I was known for my school uniform that looked like a dress and my huge backpack.
When I was recently on the phone with my mom cleaning clothes, I asked. Is that backpack still alive? My mom laughed. “Yes, I now use it as a suitcase. It’s really smart that I bought that bag for my child. He’s still good now!”

The Dutch are generally not poor, but they are economical. So I sometimes see the same economic savings plans here. I have a colleague at De Gelderlander who helps me with these columns. Her youngest son Otis mainly has to make do with his sisters’ belongings. Apparently saving money on children’s backs is something all parents do. Poor Otis, and poor me. We are victims of our parents’ economic plans.

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