Solar energy

Today, at 10:00h UTC+2, the solar installation passed the 3,535kW. As the dashboard gives also the amount earned (in €), the number of Kg CO2 you did not emit, and the amount of trees that you could have planted, using the reduced CO2 emission, you can calculate what you gain on each kW of electricity.

3,535kW of 380V electricity:

  • =====> € 661.64 earned
  • =====> 1,382.36 Kg CO2 emission reduced
  • =====> 4.62 trees planted

Per 1kW of 380V electricity:

  • =====> € 0.187 earned
  • =====> 0.391 Kg CO2 emission reduced
  • =====> 0.0013 tree planted

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