The content of these letters from the government ensures that you immediately get a fever.

For a country at war, the corona crisis is a relief. My mother in Syria is breathing with relief. “It is very quiet, there are no more fights. The streets are quiet and there is less control on the street, “she said on the phone.” Your brother has seen downtown Aleppo for the first time in two years! ” He is in hiding at home so that he is not taken by the army or any of the other groups in the country. My father still has to go to work, because no work means no money. There is no benefit.
In the Netherlands, after the people in vital professions, the students have the hardest. Maybe I think because I am a student myself. We have to stay at home, but the lessons continue. There is no government support. Most students have a side job at a supermarket. Me too. That work also continues, with all the associated risks. One thing I find very strange. Businesses and the municipality are closed. And according to the measures, people have to stay at home. But why do I still receive colored letters? Why are those people still working? Why don’t those people leave me alone? After all, we are in a crisis, and we must not touch any strange things. These letters are particularly dangerous, for example those of the water board tax. The contents of these letters cause you to immediately get a fever and sometimes difficulty breathing. And our Prime Minister Rutte does not want that.
So I’m going to get rid of these letters, which are touched by several people, anyway. Then I would wash my hands and keep me and my bank account healthy.

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