0774-Dating sites

Flirt with a stranger in the supermarket or be linked by a joint acquaintance. Most young singles (45 percent) who are dating mainly arrange their date through a meeting in real life. At 16 percent, dates originate mainly through dating sites and apps. This is evident from research by 3Vraag, among young people between 16 and 34 years old. According to one in five (22 percent), their dates come about both offline and through online dating. Dating sites and apps are nowadays part of the search for a new partner. Still, young singles who are active on this question whether online is the place to find a partner. 38 percent think online dating is a good way to meet true love, 24 percent think not and another 38 percent don’t know.
Some see around them relationships arise from friends and acquaintances who date online: “I know people who got to know each other and have been together for a long time. So it is possible that you meet your true love through a dating site,” writes someone. Many young bachelors who completed the survey indicate that they themselves have experienced little success through dating apps. For example, a participant says: “The chance that you just swipe that one person to the right and he / she also is minimal. It is based on attraction to photos, not personality.” Another: “Online dating is easy for many people, but I think it’s a meat inspection.” Like this participant, more online daters feel that the conversations often fail or that people are looking for a hook-up rather than a serious relationship.
Most young people who are on dating apps or sites indicate that this is not the approach for them. When asked what they are looking for via dating apps or sites, seven in ten (71 percent) active online daters indicate that they are mainly looking for a relationship. A much smaller number of one in ten (12 percent) say they are mainly after sexual contact.

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