Over the period from my parent’s marriage, 03 August 1944 up till today I have a lot of pictures and videos. Especially my cruise adventures to Norway (2009), Greenland and Iceland (2010), worldcruise (2012), Southampton – Singapore (2014), worldcruise (2016) and finally France and Spain (2017) give thousands items to be indexed. Then there are our holidays to Mexico, Argentine, France, Spain and Italy over the past twenty years.
I have a new, self sorting key to index the pictures/videos: YYYYMMDDHHMMXX_CITY, where the YYYY stands for the year, MM for the month, DD for the day, HH for the hour (24h system), MM for the minute, XX for the 2 letter webcode of the country and _CITY for the location where the item was taken. For cruises applies, that YYYYMMDDHHMMCruising indicates the year, month, day, hour, minute the ship was cruising in open sea.

13,772  items have to be indexed (76%)
04,421  items are indexed up till 22 March 06pm (24%)
——- +
18,193  total collection (100%)

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