• Leave your home only when necessary;
  • Theaters, concertbuildings and cinema’s are closed down;
  • Kindergaten, primary & secondary schools, universities cosed down;
  • Restaurants, cafés and hotels are closed down;
  • Only supermarkets and pharmacies are open, with strict visiting rules;
  • Supermarkets have special opening hours for people >65y;
  • All housings for elderly peoples are closed for family members and/or visitors;
  • Churches broadcast the services via the internet;
  • Bankers postpone the cashing of loans for the next 6 months;
  • Gatherings of any kind of more than 20 people are forbidden;
  • Bankers postpone the cashing of mortgage instalments;
  • Paying with cash money is forbidden; use your bank card or credir card;
  • Public transport (railways and busses) will be reduced to 1 service per hour, and these trains/busses stop everywhere (Intercity services and international traffic is suspended);
  • When possible, work at home;
  • Emergency points at hospitals have a triage system, to pick out people with a possible corona infection;
  • Cancelation of the European Song contest;
  • Cancelation of the Formule I races at Zandvoort.

All these measures apply at least till 6 April, but can be that date can change if necessary.

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