A bread costs 1,000 Syrian pounds (SYP) in Syria, and a piece of paper is worth just as little.

Syria is facing a new war. An economic war caused by blockades and sanctions. The bloody and devastating conflict that is going on in Syria is also continuing. The value of the Syrian pound can no longer be measured, says my mother in Aleppo. You can hardly buy anything with a low income. The food is extremely expensive. A loaf of bread costs 1,000 pounds (€ 1.78 / £ 1.51). Smaller amounts no longer even exist in coins and paper money. Coins of one pound have not been in circulation for a long time, because you can’t buy anything for it.

The Syrian government therefore started a campaign. “Our pound is our pride.” If people happen to have one pound in their house, they can exchange it for a good amount of food. My mother had just saved one. Just like people in the Netherlands might still have a guilder somewhere. , “I was able to buy a whole kilo of rice from it!” She laughed on the phone. (A kilo of rice costs a few thousand pounds in Syria). The Syrian regime now works with the value of dollars. two sizes, because companies are not allowed An artistic production company recently had to close its doors because it did not work with pounds but with the dollar After the closure they were fined: 350,000 …. dollars!

My mother rebounded for a moment when the rule became known that Syrians from abroad (like me) can buy their military service for $ 6,000. “You can come back. You pay the amount and you don’t have to go into the army!” Every barrier that you pass in Syria has its own rules. “Are you better than me that you don’t have to go into the army?” an armed soldier will say. “Yallah, go to the army with you!” worth as little as the pound.

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