I live in street X, opposite that huge waste dump

In Arnheim we have been struggling with waste for some time. We have a new system where we have to put our waste in an underground container. For my house it has turned out slightly differently, because the underground container is always empty, but above the ground it is completely full. We can open that container for free with a pass until the summer, so I don’t really understand the problem. Since the containers were locked and you could only open them with a pass, I always have a pile of waste for my home. This has advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is the mess and stink for my house. The advantage is that I can now easily provide my address. “In street X opposite the huge waste hump.”
When I woke up this week, I saw a woman busy emptying her shopping cart. It was full of paint, broken laminate and full garbage stores. I got angry. I made a video of her and walked outside. “Mrs. good morning, that is really not possible. It stands in front of my house and it is forbidden. Please clean it up, it is still free of charge. ” She walked on as if nobody was talking to her. I picked up my phone to report. I arrived at an environmental department of the Province of Gelderland and got caught in the automatic menu. I went to see the woman again. She was there again, because she came with a new pile of waste. “Madam, I’m going to call the police.” She said: “I don’t have a car to take this to the waste station. And I don’t have any money either. And also no pass’.
I was silent for a moment. Putting waste in the container is free until the summer, but I already said that a few times. And applying for a pass doesn’t seem so difficult to me either. She walked away, she wouldn’t listen. This goes in the summer when there is to be paid does not get better. Then give up, I request a definitive change of address. Street X, opposite that huge waste hump.

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