When I go here to a lady with bare hands, I often hear that she has a husband.

“What cute fingers you have, I hope you will have a ring around your beautiful fingers later,” my mother said when I was a kid. The wedding ring is a common tradition in all societies, and is considered a symbol of perfection. With a wedding ring on your finger, your life is done. Except in the Netherlands, apparently. The Dutch do not marry immediately, or never, or they do not wear their wedding ring. Wearing a wedding ring is experienced differently by people. The one sees it as a sacred covenant in his married life, the other as a limitation that prevents him from enjoying life.

For an Arab woman, a wedding ring means a lot. The ring is a solution for her life, she shows that she has her own life and does not live with her father and mother. Taking off the ring means betraying your husband or wife.

In the Netherlands, wearing that ring, even if you are married, is not important. That is quite difficult for men like me from a different culture. Because not wearing a ring in most countries means that a woman is single. But when I go here to see a lady with bare hands, I often hear that she has a husband or relationship. Even on dating apps like Tinder I find a lot of people with a relationship. What should I do with you? Are you going to guess who’s single? Decorate everyone in the hope that the married women will not forget to tell me that they are married? There is an age-old simple solution for this complex problem. A ring. Super handy, occupied people are not bothered and singles can decorate each other.

I know you don’t like wearing a ring, so will we do it one day otherwise? The national ‘I am busy day’, where all occupied people wear a ring. Let’s say February 1. Every year. Then we know bachelors in one fell swoop where we stand.

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