People keep all receipts as if they have to prove to their partner where the money is going

When a Dutchman is shopping, he always asks for the receipt at the checkout. Viewing and checking the receipt is not the end of the buying process. People keep all receipts as if they have to prove to their partner where the money is going.
In the house of my Dutch mother Gerda is a room that is theoretically an office, but in practice a sort of warehouse. Years of old papers and receipts are mixed up. It is chaos. Every time I offer to clean and tidy her room, she says: “No, my husband Erik knows exactly where everything is.”

A while ago I registered with the Chamber of Commerce to start my own business under the title AnwarVerbindt. This way I can earn money in a decent way with the chores that I do or lectures that I give. That is instead of the Tony Chocolate lonely chocolate that I always get as a thank you, that has almost given me diabetes. I find it difficult to start such a warehouse. A room full of receipts with which I can prove to the tax authorities what I have issued or received. And then paying tax on work that you have done yourself, terrible!

I didn’t think it was fair. Erik, the man from Gerda, helped me with my declaration and gave me a different perspective on the case. “I’m happy if I have to pay a lot of taxes,” he said. “That means that I have earned a lot.” Good point. Moreover, no one can say to me anymore: we pay for you. No, it is not. I have been here four years now and have been paying tax for two years. Hopefully for people who need it more than me.

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