Prioritizing a younger person, I couldn’t get it on my heart.

The corona virus is currently making the right to medical treatment less and less a right in the world. The elderly are particularly affected, their place in an intensive care unit is not guaranteed. The world was well prepared for calamity. With weapons, armies, tanks and soldiers. We were so busy with that that we forgot healthcare. The strength of each nation appears to depend on something quite different, namely the amount of respirators and the supply of protective clothing.
The law of the jungle now applies. There is no place for the weak, even in developed countries. I struggle with that. The elderly have done so much for us.
I learned from my culture that the elderly are the most important people in a society. Wise, full of life experience and with the most right to speak. Why then do we disconnect them from the respirators to plug them back into a younger person? If we look at a country like Italy, the elderly are already given up. No place for people above a certain age. The war medicine phase has already entered there, which means that doctors can choose who lives and who dies. I’m glad I don’t have to make that choice personally. Maybe it makes sense to prioritize a younger person, but I couldn’t get it on my heart. All we can do is do our very best not to let the situation get out of hand like in Italy. By all staying at home, following up on all measures and ensuring that the virus does not progress through us.
I hope we can be there for everyone in the Netherlands and never have to make such a decision about life and death. Together we can prove that the Netherlands remains a beacon of freedom, humanity and equality.

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