Peeing in public during the Four Days Marches 2019: this is how you will be punished.

During the Vierdaagsefeesten we like to drink a nice beer. That is why we have to pee more often than usual. But, people from Nijmegen pay attention: you can literally and figuratively endure expensive peeing.

Peeback coating

It seems such an advantage if you are a man: just walk along that line in front of the toilets and pee against a wall somewhere in an alley. That happens all too often during the Four Days Marches, to the annoyance of the people of Nijmegen who remain in the piss-air when the wild-water-laver is sleeping long and wide. So the municipality has come up with something: peeback coating.

Splash back

A number of walls in the city center are provided with a peeback coating: a layer of transparent “paint”. This layer ensures that if you pee on it, everything immediately splashes back against your legs and pants. Not really nice and fresh! This peeback coating is intended as a discouragement policy for wildwaters during the Four Days Marches. Because you do not know in advance on which walls the layer has been applied, it is better that you do not pee more at all and so avoid the risk of wet pants (and a fine of 140 euros).

So that will just be waiting in line!