The fire on Arnheim moorland is almost under control, the fire brigade says. Altogether, a moorland with trees with a size of approximately 25 hectares has been lost. The  fire started on the Defense  Training Site in the flanks of the Deelen Av. and the King Av. in the north of Arnheim. The fire brigade turned out with four platoons with a total of sixteen extinguishing vehicles.

De natuurbrand bij Schaarsbergen.

Strong wind

The fire was reported around two o’clock in the afternoon. Initially it was a plot of 50 by 50 meters, but the fire spread rapidly due to the strong wind. Firefighters released air from the tires of their vehicles to get a better grip in the loose sand on the moorland. About an hour and a half after the report, the fire was under control and the after-fire could begin.

The Military Police will investigate how the fire started.