Visiting North Curry, day 3

At 08:00AM I went down to open the house to the world, setting the table for breakfast and knocking on Mary’s door. We had breakfast  “en négigé”. I left Mary behind, looking at the piles of emails and… bills. After shaving and showering, and dressed for a weekday in jeans, I came down at 10:00 to check on the solar panels.

At local time Nijmegen 11:30 the day revenue was (only) 813 Wh and a present input level of 428.09W. But we had records in the days before:

  • 22 March: 12.80Kwh (sunny weather),
  • 21 March: 12.51Kwh (sunny weather),
  • 20 March: 3.99Kwh (cloudy),
  • 19 March: 3.99Kwh (system started up at 02:00PM)..

From 1 March till  mid 19 March the panels were out of order, the same situation as 1February till 14 February, and 31 January. The company, who installed the solar installation, will come 29 March . When I call SolarNRG, they can see a lot more than I. There is -according them- a failure in panel 9, but I can see on a separate screen on the computer and mobile phone, that panel 9 is working: e.g. at the moment panel 9 has produced for today 70.75Wh. Then there is a communication failure. I hope it is over by the end  this month. however according to the installation calculator we got already > € 100 back from the investment of € 4,000 (2.5%).

And a farewell dinner in Taunton, in the Castle Hotel & Restaurant. 


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