Visiting North Curry, day 2

View over Southampton harbour at 06:08 AM from my window:

The Balmoral will arrive at the City Terminal approximately 06:00AM. Disembarking will start after clearence of the ship by the custom officials.

First there are the groups disembarking, followed by the passengers for long distance coach transfers. Then the regular disembarking will follow: starting at the top deck downwards. As Lady Helen Mary is on deck 4, it will take a time. She has to pass customs on shore. After that the taxi driver Paul and I will be waiting for her in the luggage hall of the terminal. Paul will drive us to North Curry, where QUINCE COTTAGE -Lady Mary’s humble residence- will be waiting. There will be a pile of mail waiting, as she was only on a relative short cruise: 2 months 🙂 Mary instructed her house keeper Yvette to make up my bed in the guestroom with the great view:

And her Ladyship insists that I wear pyjamas. And my Rituals 🙂 bathrobe. So I carry a large suitcase, as I can not travel “light” on the plane. I can carry a small case in the cabin, containing among other things my LAPTOP for the daily updates from Somerset…
Upon arrival we paid a visit to the village grocery store, as there was  totally no food nor drinks, apart of a bottle of champaign, to celebrate the reunion. As a treat I invited Her Ladyship for dinner in the local pub, with the name: “The Bird in Hand”. The name is an enigma to me, but the food is good. We (Pierre and I) were there with Mary in the past.

The Bird In Hand

The Bird in Hand is a classic traditional pub, and its low beamed ceilings and open fireplace creates a warm, friendly atmosphere. The bar serves a wide range of drink including traditional ales, a wine list is available, and there is a range of fresh coffees. The various menus provides something for every appetite and budget, but fresh fish and seafood dishes are a speciality of the house, with produce sourced locally whenever possible.



  • Mary: none
  • Luke: duck liver paté

Main course:

  • Mary: sea bass
  • Luke: chicken breast with Stilton and port sauce

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