0610-Walk of the World

Walk of the World edition #103

Training #3


  • Leg 1: Home – South-West bound all down to Energieweg (Energy Av.)
  • Leg 2: North bound towards the bridge De Oversteek (The Crossing) – crossing river Waal
  • Leg 3: East bound along the monument for the 47 soldiers, who died at The Crossing – Lent
  • Leg 4: river Waal – Lent – South bound over the Arnheim bridge over Waal
  • Leg 5: West bound along river Waal, on the South bank (Nijmegen city) – South bound to Grote Markt (Market place)[drinks]
  • Leg 6: West bound to Kronenburg Park – passing Emperor Charles roundabout – Graafseweg – home.

The app on my smartphone reports as follows:

  • 233 minutes non-stop walking
  • 19.61 Km  (13.1M)
  • 25,238 steps
  • 2,096 kCal.
  • 3h 30m all-in: dep. 10h 05m arr. 14h 35m (2 stops, at the river Waal near Lent and at a terrace on the Market in Nijmegen.


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