0476-Anwar’s columns

The Syrian is just working here, and now suddenly a bomb in the building.

If you live in the Netherlands, it can sometimes be that you have a lot more appointments than you actually can handle. Because you said ‘yes’ to all kinds of requests five months ago and thought: ‘I’ll see that’ … So I’m in a busy month. At the same time my internship started at industrial park Kleefse Waard in Arnheim. I was working on my internship report when a woman came into the study room. ,, Pack your things and leave the building as quietly as possible. A bomb has been reported in this building.  People came in with special suits and we were set up outside. I immediately felt shame. Would people think I did it? The Syrian Anwar is just working here, and now suddenly a bomb in the building… I saw an other Syrian boy who worked in the building. He said in Arabic: “Could you no longer have been able to wait with this? Now it falls on this …” Let’s not just stand together, we thought. I felt guilty and did not want to make us extra suspicious. A little later we were all sent home.

The next morning I received an email from my internship address. ,,Have you all had a nice free afternoon yesterday? Yesterday there was an exercise in our building, where there was supposedly a bomb in our building. ” I could beat myself for my head. An exercise… of course. That is the Netherlands. The next time I do not really kick in and say: “Yes, I know there is a bomb threat. But I’d rather die, so I’ll just sit down. “

Then I get my internship report at least.

I can hardly believe that there is so much freedom.

For a moment it seemed that the war in Syria would not change anything. President Bashar al-Assad still at the helm, only with a lot less subjects. Now that he is rebuilding the country, he is the first to start restoring all the statues of his father. Well, there we go again. Yet the country has changed very quickly in recent years. When I watch Syrian television, I regularly get my home and compatriot Ahmed to share my surprise. Journalists in news programs ask the government critical questions, on television! Presenters of entertainment programs take to the streets and ask people: “What do you think about cohabiting?” “A revolutionary question, in Syria. During the war that revolutionary atmosphere arose. Wild parties were given in cities. People danced in the street and drank alcohol. That atmosphere has now lingered. My mother recently told me on the phone: “Anwar, you’re missing a lot here. The women show more of themselves and are very beautiful. ”

I look at the changes with slight suspicion. I can hardly believe that there is so much freedom. Can you suddenly ask the government critical questions? Or does that only apply to television, and should actually be said: “Do not try this at home”? And women who dance on the streets and are not covered, do all men understand that these women only have fun, and want to be left alone? Sometimes I am afraid that this new freedom is like electricity. If suddenly there is a lot of release, the lamps will snap.