Lady Mary’s visit day 2&3.


Friday 07 Serptember was a complicated day: at 08 AM Luke had to call his GP for the remaining pain, or better, the remaining absence of any sensibility in his left upper leg, after the finish on 20 July of the Walk of the World marches. But, luckily, there was a possibility to see the GP at 3 PM. First, Mary had her book (Pride and Prejudice), Pierre had the morning paper, and I had the blog. AND welearned Mary a new game called Rummikub. She picked it up very fast and is quiet fanatic 🙂 🙂 🙂 . When I was at the GP, Pierre and Mary went for a stroll to the Goffertpark. Mary asked if she could have her holy hour and appear at the dinner table dressed in a nice robe over her pyjama. And we could not refuse that. Also the neighbours Peter and Marie announced a farewell before their departure for six weeks in the South of Europe. But they did not make a fixed appointment for that evening. Friday it was my turn to show my Chef’s qualities. In May I showed at Marys’ the Chili con carne, during my visit for the royal wedding. Now it was Nachos todos grande. And just when I put the plate in the oven for the last finishing touch, the doorbell rang and the neighbours were there. As I could not stop the preparations at that time, an appointment was made for a visit around 10 PM. The nachos were a great success. And when Peter and Marie arrived, we had a nice evening, with a Lady in a housecoat….

Saturday 08 September:

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