Lady Mary’s visit day 1.

The itinerary of day 1 was a bit different than foreseen 😦 😦 😦 🙂 🙂 🙂

Travel schedule for 06 September 2018:

Dep 09:28 GMT+1 – Arr 10:59 GMT+1 Train Nimwegen – Schiphol Airport [Luke]. Dep 13:30 GMT+1 – Arr 13:30 GMT+0 KL1051 Schiphol Airport – Bristol Airport [Luke], the delay caused by heavy rainfall at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol [Luke].

Image result for ghost

Dep 14:30 GMT+0 – Arr 16:40 GMT+1 KL1052 Bristol Airport – Schiphol Airport [Mary + Luke], the delay due to the late arrival of the incoming flight from Amsterdam. The luggage came on belt 9 at 17:00 GMT+1, and we entered the railwaystation 5 minutes too late 😦 😦 😦 A chance for Mary to pick up a double espresso and a plain decaf at Sturbucks, conveniently situated next to platform 3 to catch our train.

Dep 17:30 GMT+1 – Arr 19:02 GMT+1 Train Schiphol Airport – Nimwegen [Mary + Luke]

The rest of the day (evening 🙂 ) went as foretold.

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