The University of Groningen has asked its employees to house one or more students, writes The Newspaper of the North. There is a serious shortage of sleeping places, especially for international students. The University of Groningen, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the municipality of Groningen have joined forces in the fight against the lack of decent housing for (international) students. The three parties find it wrong that many students have trouble finding shelter. That is why employees are called upon to assist in sheltering those students. The employees were asked whether they have a room or another way of living space or a bed available. “Or do you like to offer temporary accommodation to an upcoming RUG student from abroad? Sign up voluntarily, “according to the e-mail to the employees. ,,From this situation it will be easier for the student to find a definite place.” According to the initiators, an expense allowance may be asked for the place to sleep, but no rent, says the mail.

PeerdApplication form
The registration form asks for, among other things, the availability of a room / bed and any wishes. The offered sleeping places are then compared with the wishes of the searching (international) students. “We will match the offers as much as possible with the demand from students and a student (first by telephone) to contact the provider,” said the promoters. To date, around 450 extra rooms have been created for (international) students. Temporary emergency relief has also been provided. Some students can sleep in a hotel boat or so-called sleep-in tents. Despite the call, it is expected that a fairly large group of students will not be able to find accommodation, according to the newspaper.

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