The water level of the Waal near Nijmegen has never been as low as Friday. Measurements carried out by Governamental Water Management show that the water level of the river was at 4,71 meters at 01.10 hours compared to Normal Amsterdam Level (NAP). The record of 29 September 2003 of 4.72 meters above NAP is therefore broken. On Friday morning, the water level of the Waal at 06.00 was even 4.69 meters above NAP. That was also the new record around noon. The Governamental Water Management predicts that the water of the Waal will be lower in the coming days and will even hit the 4.64 meters above NAP on Saturday. The new low-level record does not immediately cause shipping to be seriously affected, says the Governamental Water Management. To do this, the drainage of the water must first be lowered per cubic meter per second. The discharge of water from the Rhine at Lobith is now still 891 cubic meters per second. Problems arise between 600 and 700 cubic meters per second.


Top: the polder Ooy, just east of Nimwegen, with the present low tide. Bottom: the polder of Ooy at normal level of the water in the river Waal.

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