Beach, the most beautiful place in the Netherlands

I can not believe that I am 2,5 years in the Netherlands and only now discover the most beautiful place in the country: the beach. A friend took me to Scheveningen. It looks great and everyone is very free. I went to the beach twice before in my life, in Syria. I found the atmosphere a bit nervous. On the spot where I was, men watched whether their wife was being watched. That is why I did my best not to look around. I did not notice anything about this in Scheveningen. People felt free, had fun and enjoyed the sea. I ate like a real Dutchman a bowl of fish, which after a few minutes by a big bird was picked from my hands. He flew away with it like that. Walking across the boulevard I called all my Syrian friends. ‘We have not seen the Netherlands at all yet! We have to go to the sea !!’ I see Facebook photos of Portugal, Italy or Croatia on Facebook. Now that I’ve seen the Dutch coast, I do not understand why you go there on vacation. Is that so that you can put on the internet that you’ve been there? Once at home I discussed with Syrian friends that we still do not know how beautiful the Netherlands is. So many Dutch people try to show the country to us through museums. The municipality, province and refugee work also send us there. Pooh, what have I gone through in museums? I actually do not like it, but I do not dare to say that. I look at pictures on a wall or a piece of bent metal in a display case. ‘Oh yes, very beautiful’, I say. But the Dutch sea, our young. That is really beautiful.

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