The concerns these children had in Syria are not over here

Children who come to the Netherlands from Syria or another war country, alas!, what do I have to do with them. I have had a happy childhood. The problems in my homeland only came to me when I was already grown up. I knew what was going on with our country and took the decision to flee. Children from a war country have experienced the tension and problems in their native country. They did not have a carefree time behind them. Arriving in the Netherlands does not interrupt that carefree time for them either. Soon they speak better Dutch than their parents. That’s why they have to go with their parents to the doctor, to the dentist and the municipality. They play as a translator. The start-up in the Netherlands goes by trial and error in all refugee families. The children who translate remember every event. They read in a letter that their parents have not paid an invoice or hear from the doctor that their father or mother is ill. They take a phone call in which their parents are rejected for a job, or have failed a language exam. Setbacks that children can not overlook. Setbacks that my parents used to have, but did not share with me. I often think of the generation of Syrian children who have accompanied their parents to the Netherlands in recent years. The concerns they had in Syria or another war country are not over for them. Nevertheless, I think that it will give something to both them and the Netherlands. Boys and girls with a lot of life experience. A generation that employers do not have to ask about in the future: do you have experience?

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