0518-Walk of the World

Walk of the World edition #102

Day 3: Thursday 19 July – the day of Groesbeek

Leg 1: Home – start: dep. 07:00am arr. 07:25am 2.28Km / 1.52M. Leg 2: Start – Nimwegen South dep. 07:37am arr.08:29am 4.58Km /  3.05M / Musical break & snack.

Leg 3: Nimwegen South – Malden: dep. 08:36am arr. 09:32am 5.11Km / 3.41M / Strawberry break (picture below is the last house of the city, where the Kurdish-Iraquee family lives.

Leg 4: Malden – Groesbeek woodland: dep. 09.47am arr. 10:53am 6.67Km / 1.45M / break drinks. Leg 5: Groesbeek woodland – Groesbeek: dep.10:59am arr. 11:31am 1.2Km / 0.80M / lunch break. Leg 6: Seven hills way (Groesbeek – Berg en Dal): dep. 11:50am arr.12:48pm / 6.29Km / 4.19M / break drinks. Leg 7: Berg en Dal – Finish: dep.12:57pm arr 02:58pm 12.08Km / 8.05M. Leg 8: Finish – pub: dep. 02:59pm arr 03:13pm 0.84Km / 0.56M / drinks. Leg 9: Pub – home: dep. 04:12 arr. 04:30 1.49Km / 0.99M

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