Walk of the World

Walk of the World edition #102 / training #11

As bus traffic in Nijmegen city and the regional network was completely down due to a general strike of the bus drivers, announced for three days, starting today, we had to take that in consideration choosing the itinerary for todays’ training.


Leg 1: Nimwegen (home) – Groesbeek – Seven Hills Road – Berg en Dal:

dep.: 07:58 / 14.68Km / 9.8M / 3h 02m / Coffe break

Leg 2: Berg en Dal – Hill of the Devil – Beek-Ubbergen:

dep: 11:31 / 5.97Km / 4M / 1h 18m / Lunch break

Leg 3: Beek-Ubbergen – Nimwegen (East) – WotW start/finish – home:

dep.: 13.50 / 7.21Km / 4.8M / 1h 35m

TOTAL: 27.86Km / 18.57M in 5h 55

However, the stepcounter reports only distances walked in 10m or more. The real day result is: 40.098 steps = 30.24Km / 20.16M (where 30Km / 20M is the daily distance to walk + 2 times 2.1Km for home – start-finish v.v..

The 40.098 steps are a new record!!!



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