HM Queen Máxima sings farewell song for deceased sister Inés

mA nicer and more fitting farewell could not have given the surviving relatives Inés Zorreguieta (33). They sang yesterday at the funeral songs of Bob Dylan and Bob Marley for the singer and guitarist, Argentine media reports. The sister and protégé of Queen Máxima died last Thursday in her apartment in Buenos Aires. Queen Máxima raised the song ‘Is this Love’ by Bob Marley for her younger sister, with whom she had an intimate relationship despite the age difference of 14 years. Then she sang along with her family ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s’ by Bob Dylan, fashion designer Benito Fernández told La Nacion. According to Fernandez – Máxima regularly wears creations – not the first time the Queen and her family sang the song of the American singer-songwriter. They did that in August last year at the funeral of Máxima’s father Jorge Zorreguieta. He died at the age of 89 from the consequences of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a form of cancer, and is buried in the same cemetery as his daughter Inés.

Image result for willem alexander en maxima vandaagPrior to the musical tribute to Inés, during which all invitees were present for the funeral, the Queen and her brother Martin gave a short speech to the most intimate guests. The rest of the guests waited respectfully outside, according to the newspaper. HM Queen Máxima, HM King Willem-Alexander and their daughters HRH Amalia (14), HRH Alexia (12) and HRHAriane (11) laid a bouquet of white flowers on her dark colored wooden box at the burial of Inés Zorreguieta. Images of the ceremony in Argentinean media show a lot of white flowers next to the final resting place covered with a stylish green party tent. Among the invited guests were, according to La Nacion, alongside the fashion designer, a range of well-known Argentinian personalities including first lady Julia Awada, director Emilio Basavilbaso of the Argentine Social Security Administration Anses where Inés Zorreguieta worked and art director and fashion consultant Sofía Sanchez de Betak. Present was also Máxima’s childhood friend Valeria Delger, who she has known since her school days at the international Northlands Colegio (bilingual primary and secondary education) in Buenos Aires.

The presence of the Dutch royal couple with the princesses and the Argentinian first lady on the farewell ceremony was accompanied by a major security operation. The king, queen and their three children flew with the KLM to Buenos Aires, according to the Argentine newspaper, where they arrived yesterday morning at 06:30am.

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