Since 28 May 2018 I have a Kurdish-Iraqi family for lessons in Dutch language and basic integration. The family lives in the utmost South outskirt of the city. In front of the 12 story apartmentbuilding are woods and meadows, on the back is the large canal, that connects the river Meuse and the river Waal. The building is also the terminal of bus line 8, which has a very convenient and fast connection to the place we live 🙂


  • Tonight I have my second lesson.
  • I go to their house twice a week, from 7.00pm till 8.30pm.
  • For the lessons I must be very creative, and design all lesson material myself, as -in respect of the case, that both parents are illiterate- I give the lessons in a very practical way.
  • The parents have 10 children, living in Germany, the U.S.A., Canada and the Netherlands.
  • One should think. that the family is Muslim, but they are not.
  • They are Jezidi, a minority that in the war between IS , Turkey and Syria had a difficult time.

 father Murad Al Bakar b. 01 July 1957

married to

mother Xanaf Saado b. 01 January 1960


1 daughter Samra Al Bakar b. 01 January 1978

2 – 8 ???

9 daughter Hakema Al Bakar b. 15 December 1998 (has started integration course recently)

10 son Hisham Al Bakar b. 06 January 2002 (is at school)

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