0476-Walk of the World

Edition #102 will start in 42 days; change in itinerary.

We subscribed for the 30K / 20M per day. Due to a change in the routes, the distances per day have changed too:

Day 1, the day of Elst:

33,10K / 22,06M + 4,40K / 02.93M Home – Start/Finish v.v. = 37.50K / 24,99M

Day 2, the day of Wijchen:

33,60K / 22,40M + 4,40K / 02.93M Home – Start/Finish v.v. = 38,00K / 25,33M

Day 3, the day of Groesbeek:

30,40K / 20,26M + 4,40K / 02.93M Home – Start/Finish v.v. = 34,80K / 23,19M

Day 4, the day of Cuijk:

30,00K / 20,00M + 4,40K / 02.93M Home – Start/Finish v.v. = 34,40K / 22,93M

144,70K / 96,44M Total

36,17K / 24,11M Daily average

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