Jamie Oliver uses olive oil as a bodymilk, but do we have to follow this advice?


That Jamie Oliver in his kitchen likes very much olive oil, we know, but apparently the chef also likes to use the stuff in the bathroom. “I love to rub my body with olive oil,” he says enthusiastically in British media, but the question is only whether beauty experts like his advice. Beauty advice from Jamie Oliver, who would ever had thought so. Nevertheless, in an interview with the magazine Closer, he was enthusiastic about olive oil, according to him a miracle remedy for radiant, soft skin. “I love to smear my body with olive oil,” he shouts from the roofs, “You just have to rub it in. The Romans did it too and I do it with my children River, Petal and Buddy.” Oliver admits that he uses a moisturizer from Clinique for his face, but he puts his own question marks. ,,Why would we spend a fortune on creams, while extra virgin olive oil is equally good? My legs are blissfully soft.”

Just like a bandage
jo1That reasoning sounds logical, but you still do well to keep all your creams for a while. ,,I think Jamie Oliver is a very good cook, but I doubt his advice for the skin is good, “dermatologist Ingrid Van Riet of the Carpe clinic reacts laughing.

“Worldwide there are many people who use oils to care for their skin. Just think of argan oil, sesame oil or avocado oil”, she continues. “They all contain essential fatty acids, but they are all very large molecules that do not penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. With other words: olive oil has a final effect, just like a bandage, which prevents skin evaporation and dehydration, but it will not really nourish and hydrate your skin.”

Dishwashing liquid
Moreover, everyone is different and you actually need a custom cream that is adapted to your skin type. “I give a person with a very greasy, sensitive skin a completely different cream than someone with dry, fine skin,” Van Riet confirms. “People with oily skin who still lubricate olive oil can also get large pores and even acne. Even on their legs, maybe it works for some people, and maybe Jamie Oliver is one of those exceptions, but I would never give this advice to our patients.” Would you like to test whether you also get a smooth skin from olive oil? “Then you need detergent to wash off,” Van Riet jokes, “Brushing your entire body does not seem very practical to me. Start with your lips, cuticles or feet, there you have no pores and you can’t get afterwards also no pimples “, concludes the dermatologist.

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