Almost 5,000 visitors Nimwegen attraction The Bastion


b3The Bastion, the new Nimwegen museum on archeology, history and nature at the Waalkade in Nimwegen, opened its doors on Saturday, just before Pentacote. Immediately after the opening there was a huge run on the attraction. Sunday evening, 4700 visitors had already passed the doors. While the doors to the general public opened at 3 pm on Saturday. The new museum b4literally offers a tour through Nim-wegen’s history. Visitors walk underground through Roman wallwork (level -1), medieval foun-dations, mysterious corridors and Harry Potter-like stairs. There is another theme for each floor, so that all kinds of visitor categories are satisfied. With at the end (level +3) a beautiful view over the quay and the Waal. From the museum excursions in nature and in the city are held.

b5Spectacle was delivered on the opening day by the Nimwegen Alpine Student Association that climbed the tower and absealed with a sword. This was accepted by Commissioner to the King for the province Gelderland, Mr. Clemens Cornielje. He handed it out to Lord mayor Hubert Bruls. The latter then opened De Bastei symbolically by cutting a paper cord with the sword.



Guide to the pictures, from top to bottom:

  1. The Bastion museum, a red brick tower at the Nimwegen Waal quay, just under the octagonal chapel in the ruins of the Valkhof castle.
  2. The new museum with the castle hill in the back.
  3. The museum seen from the former castle.
  4. Entrance gate at level 0. From the entrance you go own to level -1 (Roman remainders) and climb up to level +3, where the restaurant and marvellous terrace are situated.
  5. The terrace at the top floor. When the weather is clear, you can see the city of Arnheim and the forests of Germany. Followed by a video.
  6. Galloway cattle in Nimwegen North


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