Student housing-NL/24

This morning -Sunday, 13 May- a very noisy group of young people were still outside on the premises of Graafseweg 213-B, on the lower ground level. At 12:20am I went over to the group, and asked who the host/hostess of the party was. A young lady indicated her front door, saying “We shall put the volume of the music lower”. At 12:50am I woke up by the noise of the party still going on, with loud conversations and laughter. I was annoyed being woken up, and decided to record the incident. Here a very short (45 seconds) impression:

When I went to the St Stephan church -11:10am- to do my volunteer work, the following picture of “the remainders of the night before” were this:


And according to the indication of the hostess in the early morning, her name plate at the door looked like this:


The indicators are as follows: from the door go to the right, turn left, the path to the lower level, and the first (left) door is Miss Sanne Bouwman. When I was taking the pictures of “the remainders” and the front door, a neighbor of Graafseweg 215 asked me if there were problems. When I told him of what happened in the early morning, he told me, that he has had a note, saying, that the party should last till 02:00am max.

According to the land register of the city Nimwegen, the house (section Hatert-M-746) belongs to someone living in the village of Beuningen, West of Nimwegen. An investment property, as not the owner, or a son or daughter lives at the property. There live students and/or young people.

The definition “neighbor nuisance”  is hard to get:

  • Dutch law refers to the city laws.
  • City laws are complex, so I called the Nimwegen police.
  • The police informs me, that -as soon as I feel nuisance of neighbors- they will send an officer, no matter what hour of the day.
  • The police says: each individual has it’s own interpretation of “nuisance”, so they take it always seriously.
  • Strict hours for neighbor nuisance are nowhere stated, e.g. from 10:00pm till 07:00am.

One thought on “Student housing-NL/24

  1. You are fortunate to have the police address noise and nuisance disturbances. The City of Thunder Bay Police will no longer dispatch officers for noise/nuisance calls both during daytime and evening hours. If there is a complaint from a neighbour it must now be addressed through the City of Thunder Bay Bylaw Dept. The person making the complaint has to keep a daily record of disturbances for a period extending over 2 -3 weeks. Then a letter of warning will be sent to those creating the disturbance. If this doesn’t resolve the problem then a court order will be issued to that party responsible for making the noise. The person making the complaint must agree to appear in court and have another witness to verify the complaints. It is all ridiculous in my personal opinion and what I consider to be a “quick fix by the municipal government to reduce their responsibility”. :(.


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