Today (Saturday) at 2:00PM and 7.30PM and tomorrow (Sunday) at 1:00PM and 5:30PM the final performances in a serie of eight of:


201804301000UK_OliverOliver! is an English musical, with music and lyrics by Lionel Bart. The musical is based upon the novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. It premiered in the West End in 1960, enjoying a long run, and successful long runs on Broadway, tours and revivals, after being brought to the US by producer David Merrick in 1963. Major London revivals played from 1977–80, 1994–98, 2008–11 and on tour in the UK from 2011-13. Additionally, its 1968 film adaptation, directed by Carol Reed, was highly successful, winning six Academy Awards including Best Picture. A prominent musical in British popular culture, Oliver! received thousands of performances in British schools, particularly in the 1970s, when it was by far the most popular school musical. In 1963 Lionel Bart received the Tony Award for Best Original Score. Many songs are well known to the public.


In the Taunton production Lady Mary Stewart-Wilson plays the part of Mrs. Bedwin. 

Mrs. Bedwin is Mr. Brownlow’s housekeeper. She took care of Oliver when he was sick and taught the boy to play cribbage. After Oliver was kidnapped by Nancy and Bill Sikes and having heard Mr. Bumble ‘s false information, Mrs. Bedwin still adamantly refused to believe that Oliver is a bad boy. Later on, Mrs. Bedwin accompanied Mr. Brownlow and Mr. Grimwig to West Indies. After they returned to London, Rose Maylie brought Oliver to them and told them the real story. Mr. Brownlow adopted Oliver and they lived happily.

In act II there is a famous song of Mrs. Bedwin: “Where is love?”

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