Miss Meghan-US/UK

From today’s Dutch newspaper “De Gelderlander”

‘Meghan Markle is worth gold for British monarchy’


It is a great love, says Andrew Morton about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Today his biography Meghan – A Hollywood Princess appears.

In 1992, royalty writer Andrew Morton had already shaken Buckingham Palace to its foundations with his biography Diana: Her True Story, in which he explained the painful marriage history of her and Prince Charles. That book – as it turned out after the death of Diana – was written with her cooperation. That is not the case with Meghan – A Hollywood Princess: Meghan Markle refused to talk. Instead, Morton spoke with former classmates, old friends, acquaintances, and relatives of Markle. The result is a book about an intelligent, charming and progressive world improver who blows a fresh wind through the conservative British royal family.

What does Meghan bring about in the palace? ,,I think she is an asset. It brings new energy, a different perspective: it is worth gold for the royal family. Meghan is smart: she knows that the British monarchy has been around for 1,000 years, so she will not want to make a huge difference in the beginning. But she has an opinion, and is not afraid to let it be heard. She previously had a widely read blog, in which she wrote about food and wine, but also about women’s rights and racial segregation. She supported Hillary Clinton during the presidential election, was very critical of Donald Trump and other politicians. It will be interesting to see how she will combine this with her new role.”

m3What surprised you the most? “How enormously activist Meghan was at a very young age. When she was 10 she walked in a demonstration against the Gulf War. A year later she wrote a letter to Proctor & Gamble because she felt that their advertising for wax tablets was sexist. A month later that commercial had changed. She wrote letters to champions of women’s rights. She did volunteer work in soup kitchens. All when she was very young.”

Do you see similarities with Princess Diana? “Diana was more of a caring type, committed to disabled and sick, while Meghan is more politically activist. But they have in common that they both have a lot of empathy for others. They are women who are programmed to give more than to take. Meghan comes to the royal family at a key moment in history. Everyone thinks seriously about what will happen to our country after the Queen dies. Where does Britain stand after the brexit? We live in a world full of changes and challenges. I think we need our monarchy more than ever today. And Meghan and Harry will play a big part in that.”

In your book people call Meghan a ‘social climber’. “Yes. Former friends say: “Meghan always surrounds itself with the right people. When Meghan is done with you, she’s done with you and continues with her life. “She left her friends in Los Angeles when she moved to Toronto. Now that another period in her life has arrived and she lives in London, it becomes interesting how much contact she keeps with her friends from Toronto. She can be a bit calculated. If she had not become an actress, she would have become a good politician, diplomat or journalist. She is an excellent networker.”


Have you also spoken to ex-boyfriends? “Yes, they were all very flattering about her. She found her very sweet, she was very popular at school. When she was 18 years old, she already had a fanclub of boys from the neighborhood. She made her appearance in a play by the local theater association, a Greek tragedy. Normally it did not attract much attention. But when she played in it, it was completely sold out. The organization had to say to its fans that they were not allowed to applaud or whistle when she came on stage.”

Is Meghan still friends with your sources? Are they invited to the marriage on May 19th? “Some friends do. But her half-sister, Samantha, is still waiting for an invitation. Half brother Tom says he has given up hope. I did not speak to her parents, they will come. It is interesting that there are more celebrities than members of her family. It is a broken family: even before Harry and Meghan met, they were not very close.”

m0Meghan has already been separated. How long do you think this marriage will last? ,,I sincerely believe that this is a great love. People will say in 100 years that they were meant for each other. 24 hours after their first date, she agreed to a vacation with Harry to Botswana. What should they have thought at Buckingham Palace then? I think they raised their eyebrows, and thought: this is the fourth girl Harry takes with him on safari. But I recently spoke with people in the palace, and they all said the same thing: Harry is crazy about Meghan, is very in love. He is cheerful, laughs all the time. This time it is real love.”

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