Diesel oil

The Dutch always think carefully. About consequences and disaster scenarios in particular. Therefore, it strikes me when something does not seem to be well thought about. In Arnheim your old diesel car is not worth much more. That is because we will soon have the most stringent environmental zone in the Netherlands, which ensures that old diesel cars are not allowed into the city center. Maybe you now think: okay, that’s a good solution. We dispose of old, polluting cars. That is good for the environment. But what if I tell you that old diesel cars are worth a lot in poor countries? That it is just an advantage, because the fuel is so cheap? A light now lits up at born traders. And indeed, those lights have also started to burn at traders in Arnheim. I now know a number of people who buy old diesel cars and ship them to countries where there is a need for these simmering cars. I may not be a born politician, but I can still remember that this is not a real solution. As if the neighbor at the top of the flat washes his balcony clean, and pours all the dirty water down over the balconies of the downstairs neighbors. Then I wonder, has not this been thought about, or is it not interesting that we pass on the dirty air to other countries? Do we find clean air only important for ourselves and not for others? If we want to get rid of old, polluting cars, then we have to make a rule that these cars have to be scrapped. Flattening, so that no one is bothered by it anymore.

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