Sad that I can not find a safe life for my family

Problems, do they actually happen at a time when it convenient? I have exams in two weeks, but my mind is overflowing with stress. My parents in Syria have no longer a home. After our family home was bombed completely seven years ago, we went to my aunt’s house in Aleppo. She was in Afrin with her husband and children in recent years. Now that it is unsafe there, she and her family have returned to Aleppo. So my parents and brother have to leave. My parents had put all their money into the house that was destroyed, so they can not buy anything new. Renting is expensive, because all people from the area around Afrin now move to Aleppo. When my father sent a video of the new house they now rented, I panicked. It is terrible. There are no windows, and there is no water and no electricity. It looks like a space under the stairs, as you can see here. They can not even pay the rent for that ‘home’. I am thinking all day, how I can solve this situation without getting into trouble. I also do not have the money to buy a property for them. ,,It is not your responsibility Anwar”, Dutch people say to me. But I can not really think like that and I do not want to think like that either. My family is, of course, my responsibility! I came to Europe to find a safe and good life for all of us. I feel sad and depressed now that I realize that I have only found a better life for myself. There are many rules that ensure that I can not protect my family. That are rules without any sentiment.

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