0436-Student housing

Counted from street level, these students have their drinks on the fourth floor 🙂 🙂 🙂 Life is so nice in Nimwegen city!!!

From top downwards:

  • 4th floor: roof ( the sitting area);
  • 3rd floor: attic floor;
  • 2nd floor: gothic windowed bedrooms;
  • 1st floor: gothic windowed bedrooms;
  • ground floor: gothic windowed living rooms;
  • basement: storage rooms and apartment at backside.

For Nimwegen this is a very common way of house building. When I have to compare with our house, then I state the following:

  • 3rd floor: not in use, attic;
  • 2nd floor: storage; there could be 2 bedrooms;
  • 1st floor: master bedroom, office, sundeck (total 15m / 50ft);
  • ground floor: lounge area, dining area, garden room (total 15m / 50ft);
  • basement: running over the full length of the house (total 15m / 50ft): guestroom, living room, garden room; plus a nice back yard and a pond.

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