0511/Solar energy

Given the facts, that the size of the solar panels are 1.00m wide and 1.65m high (vertical position) AND that I now know the sizes of the surfaces where the panels should be installed:

  1. flat roof length 3.10m
  2. flat roof width 5.60m
  3. top roof highth 3.90m
  4. top roof width 1.20m

I have the following options:

  1. flat roof: 5 panels in vertical position, on the front side;
  2. two rows of 3 panels in horizontal position, 1 row on front side and 1 row against the top roof;
  3. on the top roof, left from the window: 2 panels in vertical position, considering that the panels need 3.30m (2 on top of each other).

In case of option 1 & 3 I can have 7 panels, in case I choose for option 2 & 3 I can have 8 panels. Anyhow, the company which installs the panels will advise about the best option. So far the SOLAR NEWS for now.




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