0506/Solar energy


We asked for an offer for 6 panels. That would cost € 320 per panel, including installation, all cables etc., and a monitoring system: [1] to see yourself how many energy in Kwh you are “collecting”, [2] what quantity you use yourself, [3] how much you sell to your energy company. However, the choice for 6 panels was just an estimate. I asked Peter, our neighbor, if I could have a look at our own roof from his garden, as his backyard goes much more deeper than ours. Then it was clear, that there was place enough for more panels. PLUS: Peter was enthusiastic about our plans and decided to participate in the project. 


I ordered and made a down payment to have the roof inspected. If at the time of the inspection it may be clear, that solar panels will not pay back the costs, negotiations are stopped and you get the down payment back.



2 thoughts on “0506/Solar energy

  1. this sounds like a sensible way to augment your energy household needs. The cost for solar panels here in North America for private homes is also expensive, plus if you live in an urban area (such as Thunder Bay) you would need approval from local municipal government to install panels on the roof of your residence. I don’t believe you can mount these anywhere else otherwise such as in your yard on a support stand.


    • Brian.

      Above my office is a flat roof, where 2 rows of 3 panels can be mounted (each row 3 x 1.65 long and 1.00 high)
      On the normal roof we have at the yard side a window. So that is tricky to calculate.
      I think that we can place about 10 to 12 panels in total.
      It is only possible on the non-street side of the house.
      Hugs, Luke


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