Subscription WotW #102 

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Walk_of_the_World_logoIn the Netherlands we suffer a lot from cyber crime: last week the general Tax Service and 3 head offices of three different bankers were hacked. Today the police arrested an 18y young man, who admitted to have hacked the Tax service. The police is still investigating if he has something to do with the hacks on the banking sector too. He is still in custody.

However yesterday, February 5, started the subscription for the Walk of the World #102 edition 2018. And guess… 47,000 people are eager to subscribe via internet, but… the website was hacked till late in the afternoon. Result: everyone who wanted to subscribe had to make a new profile, resulting in a lot of emails, new passwords, and changing the computer generated password in a new one, before the real subscription could start. Finally 9,000 were successful to subscribe.

This morning, very early, I was lucky to create new profiles and to do the password procedure for Pierre and myself. So, up to July 17 – 20!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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