0394-CWZ orthopedics


An unfortunate fall in the bathroom on Saturday afternoon February 3. I slipped over a silly bathroom mat. I could break the fall with my right hand on the toilet sitting 🙂 but the left hand continued to the tiled floor. I do not remember how I landed: on the upper or under side of the hand. However there was an extreme pain after the fall. Never-theless I went shopping in town, as we were completely out of our 35+ cheese 🙂 but the following night I did not sleep a single second.

The next day, last Sunday, I told my personal GP the story. He examined the painful hand, wrist and forearm. His conclusion was a so called fracture of the naviculare bone. A very tiny bone, which controls all movements between the wrist and the hand. Pierre wanted a X-ray of the left hand. But it was weekend, so you have to visit the Central GP station first before you can continue to the ER for further treatment. At the ER we saw the orthopedist on duty; 4 X-ray pictures were taken. With the result: a plaster cast from the finger implant to below the elbow. The left thumb is the most vulnerable; there the plaster runs up to the nail. First examination after 10 days. X-rays will tell if the process is OK or not. In the last case I will have a new plaster cast. As typing takes a lot of time, blogging will be minimized.

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