Flying Blue XP-2018/01/29-FR

A very quick and adequate response to my questions:

  1. My 672,653 Award miles will become Miles, and can be used as the former Award miles.
  2. My 8,017 Level miles will be converted at 31st March, 2018: each 1,000 Level miles will be 5 XP.
  3. Any outstanding qualifying flight will be 7 XP each (At the moment I have none).
  4. At the conversion moment the highest result of № 2 and 3 here above will be the XP starters level.

So, if it was now April 1, 2018 I would have:

  • 672,653 Miles
  • 8,017 Level miles would result in 40 XP
  • 0 qualifying flights would result in 0 XP
  • As 40 is higher than 0, my starters balance would be 40 XP 


The flight to Bristol for HRH Harry’s wedding is paid with award miles, and that results in none XP per flight 😦 😦 😦

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