With a team of highly motivated students from various disciplines of the Delft University of Technology we will prove the technical and commercial viability of the Hyperloop concept. Among others, the faculties of Aerospace Engineering, Applied Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Industrial Design are represented in our team. Together they combine their knowledge and expertise. The Delft Hyperloop team is set on designing the best possible vehicle and help prove the commercial viability of the Hyperloop concept. To achieve this, our partners are an essential element, providing knowledge, experience, materials, funds and so much more. The project has already aroused a lot of interest globally. All around the world media have paid excessive attention to the Hyperloop concept. The Hyperloop is a project in the spotlights and therefore an interesting way for companies to show their capabilities. This will lead to a lot of exposure to young, aspiring engineers, along with countless of technology companies, ranging from the automotive to the aerospace industry. Hyperloop is basically a super-fast train traveling within an airless vacuum tube. The train is propelled by magnets. As there is hardly any air inside the tube, the train encounters practically no resistance. This enables it to go back and forth at incredible speed, like going from Amsterdam to Paris in half an hour. Imagine you’re able to have breakfast in London, lunch in Paris and dinner in Barcelona!


Delft University of Technology

Delft Hyperloop


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