Fraud & forgery-NL

Prinses Margriet.

An asset manager of members of the Royal Family is suspected of fraud and forgery. The 55-year-old Remy M. from Waalre, as director of Box Consultants, illegally donated 8 million euros (£ 7.13m) to a private company. This appears from research by the Financial Paper. Without his clients knowing, asset manager M. would have set up commissions with foreign investments. He should actually have paid that money to the customers. During court cases, Box handed over customer lists to the court.The royal family has or had 51 investment accounts with the company. It invested with money from the princesses Christina, Irene and Margriet. In addition, the names of the advisor of the Belgian King Philippe, Pierre Cartuyvels, the descendants of the department store families Vroom and Dreesmann and former World Online top woman Nina Storms are on the list.

In 2015, Mr M. had already been in custody for four days after a raid by the tax investigation service Fiod. The Public Prosecutor suspects him and the two companies Box and Boulder of forgery. Customers thought that there were no hidden costs in the management of their money, but the practice turned out to be unruly. What would have happened? Investment funds paid asset managers in the past a commission that provided them with customers. Such commissions are, however, prohibited by law to prevent asset managers from investing in funds that are bad for customers, but good for their own wallets. Such commissions would still have been paid at Box and Boulder. M. and Box deny the suspicion. They argue that the suspect money flows are in order and argue that paying commissions until 2014 was lawful and customary.


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