Approaching gale-NL

First storm 2018 arriving

The first storm of the new year is coming, the KNMI and Weerplaza report. Tomorrow we get to the coast with a western storm with heavy to very heavy gusts of wind, according to the weather services. The wind is turning from the southwest to the south this afternoon and then rises to wind force 7Bft. During the course of the night the wind will increase even more. In the second half of the night heavy gusts of wind of 75 to 100 km (50 – 70 M) per hour are possible. During showers with a thunderstorm, even very heavy gusts of wind up to 110Km (80M) per hour can occur. 
Tomorrow will be a turbulent day with probably a few hours of storm, wind force 9Bft or 10Bft, on the northwest coast and on the Wadden Islands (five islands North of the Netherlands in the North Sea). There can be (very) heavy gusts of wind up to 115Km (85M) per hour. In the early morning a line passes with strong showers, and especially in the south (very) heavy gusts are possible. “Tomorrow morning the traffic has to take into account heavy to very heavy gusts of wind,” says weatherman Ben Lankamp, ​​who in the course of the morning pulls the wind up to 9Bft and on the west coast and on the Wadden even 10Bft.

De Franse westkust werd de voorbije dagen getroffen door storm Carmen.

Code yellow
KNMI has issued a yellow code for tomorrow between 3 am and 6 pm. During the day the storm keeps on the coast until the second half of the afternoon. The wind, coming from the west, becomes on the west coast from Hoek van Holland to Den Helder than hard to stormy, wind force 7 or 8Bft. The wind gradually decreases after 15 hours and by night the wind has also decreased in the eastern Wadden Sea area to hard, force 7, with wind gusts up to 90Km (60M) per hour.

Heavy showers
Not only does it blow, there can also be a lot of rain, says weather lady Diana Woei. “In the night to Wednesday a rainy area draws over our country fairly quickly. In some places there is a chance of 15 mm of rain water in 3 hours time. Later on Wednesday mornings and in the afternoon, heavy showers start to move from west to east. In addition, a lot of rain water is possible in a short time and there is a chance of heavy gusts up to 110Km (85M) per hour. Outside the showers it also blows with heavy gusts of 75 – 100Km (50 – 70M) per hour.” The storm is the result of the slowing of a deep depression with a core pressure of 975 hectopascals. She travels from North England across the southern North Sea to Schleswig-Holstein and the Baltic Sea. South of this low-pressure area, a large difference in air pressure arises, causing the wind to swell up to storm force on the Dutch coast. The core of the storm depression is just passing north of the Wadden Islands.

Front system
An accompanying front system passes early in the night to Wednesday with rain. The temperature first rises at the heat front, as befits a heat front, for a number of hours to 9 to 11 degrees. Then between 4 am and 10 am a sharp cold front passes from west to east, accompanied by strong showers. Locally a lot of rain is possible, 15 or 20 mm.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor weeronline

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