Charged £10 for visa-2017/12/23-UK

Foreigners charged £10 to enter UK under new Brexit visa proposal

Foreigners should be charged £10 to buy a visa to get into the UK once Britain has left the EU, the Government has been told. A 14 page report submitted to ministers by a leading group of Tory Eurosceptic MPs urges them to adopt a visa scheme similar to those operating in Australia and the USA to allow visitors from the European Union and other countries to make multiple visits to the UK over a two year period. The report by the European Reform Group of 100 Tory MPs is being considered by ministers. The group’s work has previously been used to pitch roll for Government policy. Next month the Government will publish an immigration white paper setting out immigrants will be treated after Brexit. However the paper will not go into detail into visa arrangements after Brexit. The ERG report, prepared by Tory MP Craig Mackinlay, says Britain should adopt a similar plan to the US which charges US$14 (£10) for a visa waiver that allows multiple entry over two years. The Australian visitor visa costs Aus$20 (£11). It says: “We could adopt the US system and apply it to a visa waiver scheme for visitors from the EU and other countries we have a visa waiver programme with. Such schemes are commonplace internationally.” The system would apply to other countries which already offer a visa waiver system for British visitors. “Charging visitors £10 a time would raise significant sums. For example, 25.5 million EU visitors a year paying £10 and applying a time-limited multiple entry use within the fee could provide up to £150 million annually. “Given the Borders budget is currently some £550 million, moving into line with what other nations are doing would fund a material increase in the Borders budget.” It adds: “In addition, the visa waver system would have significant security benefits. The Government should increase its funding for the UK Border Force, paid for by a visa waiver system charge. “This would enable investments in new technologies and innovation to ensure that Britain is ready on day one for Brexit and that the border is as strong as it can be.” In a forward, the MPs of the ERG said they backed Mr Mackinlay’s idea for “a new UK ESTA system for travellers”. The MPs say: “The EU is investigating implementing its own version of charges on travellers; the USA already does, the UK should reciprocate and in doing so raise £150m a year to invest in our borders. “A new modern digital border funded by those that use it would save travellers time, help keep the UK open to genuine visitors while giving the UK the information it needs to exclude those that are not.” They added: “Craig Mackinlay’s paper sets out that although we are leaving the EU we are not leaving Europe, co-operation with our neighbours on borders will remain. With a new advanced border the UK can gather intelligence and cooperate with the EU to maintain our collective security and tackle the scourges of people trafficking, terrorism and organised criminality.” A Home Office spokesman said: “After we leave the EU, we will put in place an immigration system which works in the best interests of the whole of the UK. “We are carefully considering the options for the future immigration system and will set out our initial proposals shortly.”

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor visum europa

The only way to stop this UK-nonsense is: charging all UK visitors to the EU with a single entry visa @ €50.

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