0404/Politics & politicians

Polls before Christmas holiday House of Commons


  • Freedom & Democracy (VVD) 29
  • Chriatian Democrats (CDA)      15
  • Democrats ’66 (D66)                  15
  • Christian Union (CU)                     6

__________________________total of 65


  • Extreem Right (PVV)                 21
  • Socialists (SP)                               15
  • Green (Groen Links)                   13
  • Labour (PvdA)                             11
  • Forum for Democracy (FvD)    10
  • Party for the Animals (PvdD)     5
  • Elderly (50+)                                   5
  • Reformed Orthodox (SGP)          3
  • Turkish Party (DENK)                    2

__________________________total of 85

The present coalition (VVD / CDA / D66 / Christian Union) had a majority of 1 seat in the House at the time they started (after a formation period of 216 days…). The coalition had 65 seats as per December 19. We live with a minority cabinet presently 😦 . There have been several scandals. As the parliament is on reces, public opinion goes on. The results will be -presently- even worse. Can’t wait untill there is a mail of the Opinion Panel: “What party would you vote, if there were elections now?”

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