1. TITUS:  When Berenice (4) has left him, Titus wants to marry Servillia (5), the sister of his best friend Sextus (3). But Servillia (5) has told him that she loves Annius (6). He then chooses Vitellia (2). He later forgives Servillia (5) her complicity to the attempt assassination on his life. He grants clemency to his best friend Sextus (3) for the attack on his life.
  2. VITELLIA: premiditates with Sextus (3) a plan to kill Titus (1).
  3. SEXTUS: is in love with Vitellia (2)
  4. BERENICE: is sent away by Titus (1) after the failure of the love affair.
  5. SERVILLIA: is the sister of Sextus (3) and is in love with Annius (6).
  6. ANNIUS: signs Sextus (3) in, that the murder attack on Titus (1) has failed.
  7. PUBLIUS: the captain of the Praetorian Guard arrests Sextus (3) because of the attempted murder attack on Titus (1).


Cappella Amsterdam © Ronald Knapp

Anders Dahlin © nc

Kenneth Montgomery – conductor, Cappella Amsterdam, Anders Dahlin – tenor, Titus, Paula Murrihy – mezzo-soprano, Sesto, Deirdre Angenent – soprano, Vitellia, Laetitia Gerards – soprano, Servilia, Rosanne van Sandwijk – mezzo-soprano, Annio, Henk Neven – baritone, Publio

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