0299-Student housing

The nuisance triangle


================122 till 126=128 till 136=138=140

===========================  Groenestraat   352

================================138A             |

============================225F/138B         354

============================225E /138C           |

============================225D                   356

============================225C                       |

============================225B                    358

============================225A                       |

209=211 till 213A=213B till 217=219/221=223 till 241


  1. The red colored numbers are student housings; the largest complex is Graafseweg 223 till 237, with in the garden a wing of studio’s, that runs from Graafseweg 225 to the opposite side: Hatertseveldweg 138. The owner of this complex is also the owner of Graafseweg 239.

  2. The blue colored numbers are companies.One of these buildings (354) might as well be converted into student housing; the plans are there; 18 rooms!!!

  3. The black colored numbers are the houses which people own and live in.

  • 13 buildings are private owned and used by their owners—–37%
  • 3 company buildings——————————————————-9%
  • 19 buildings are private owned but hired to students———-54%

When counting in people per housing, figures are completely different:

  • private housing: av. 3 people/house number====13 x 3=    39 (25%)
  • company buildings; av. 0 people/house number===3 x 0=    0     (0%)
  • student housing: av. 6 people/house number====19 x 6= 114 (75%)

That means: for every 1 private owning and living person in the “Nuisance Triangle” there are 3 tenants/students!!!

Nota bene: these figures are based on the official data from the Community Nijmegen, as far as they are accessable for “open” information.

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