Lady Helen Mary & Alice visiting Amsterdam

A family reunion

As Mary’s younger daughter Sophy McIntosh was also in Amsterdam, staying with her husband Alistair (Bruce) and two daughters in the Ambassade Hotel at the Herengracht (Canal of the Lords 🙂 ) it turned out te be a complete reunion. Pierre and I had met Alice and Jonathan the first time that we were in Somerset.  I had met Sophy when I was nursing Mary for her cataract. Pierre and I met the entire McIntosh family when we were in Somerset for Easter. Afterwards I met Sophy again when I was nursing Mary after her pacemaker implantation.

The McIntosh family had travelled by Eurostar (London – Brussels – Amsterdam).

The picture above has been taken by the barkeeper of the Ambassade Hotel. Clockwise, starting a the front: Alice Young, Lilly McIntosh, Sophy McIntosh, Bruce McIntosh, yours truly, Pierre Bormans, lady Mary Stewart-Wilson, Kitty McIntosh.

Picture taken by blog writer. From left to right: Pierre Bormans, Lady Helen MaryStewart-Wilson, Kitty, Alice, Lilly, Sophy & a foot of Bruce McIntosh.

And then in a hurry to the Begijnhof, to see at least a bit of Amsterdam, after the disaster at the Van Gogh Museum: lighting a candle in the chapel. Then in a hurry by tram to the PTA, via the Central Station.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor pta amsterdam

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